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Laboratory Services

Real-Time PCR

We offers a comprehensive set of real time PCR services, including gene expression, miRNA expression, SNP genotyping, copy number variation, and absolute quantification.  Real-time PCR (qPCR) is the most widely used technology for nucleic acid quantification and genotyping.  High-quality data with high reproducibility and unmatched dynamic range can be generated with ease due to optimized chemistry, instrumentation, and analysis software.

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Blood Test for Animals

PrimePlex covers diagnostic and analytical services for veterinary purpose. Prima Nexus offers vast choices of customisable animal blood tests, including biochemistry, urinalysis, blood coagulation, full blood count and fecal and stone analyses. With our state-of-art device and equipment, together with helps from collaborators, we are committed to produce and deliver best services to cater your needs in animal research.

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Imaging Services

  • Histological evaluation 
  • Fluorescent imaging 
  • Confocal imaging 
  • PET scan 
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) 
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Cell Culture

  • Cell banking 
  • Endotoxin and mycoplasma testing 
  • Support the culture of both cell line and primary cells
  • Support live cell imaging
  • Support post-culture assay and testing 
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Flow Cytometry

  • FACS analysis
  • Cell sorting 
  • Single and Multicolor analysis
  • Biomarker Expression Monitoring
  • Protein expression study
  • Cell-based assay
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Analytical Chemistry

  • Compound identification 
  • Metabolomic 
  • Quantitative analysis
  • LC-MS/MS
  • GC-MS 
  • 600 Mhz NMR 
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Multiplex Proteomic Panel

  • High throughput  
  • Study 3-50 proteins simultaneously  
  • Time-saving 
  • Validated standard curve
    • Cardiovascular Pathway
    • Cell Signaling Pathway
    • Oncology Pathway
    • Inflammation Pathway
    • Endocrine Pathway
    • Metabolic Pathway
    • Neuroscience
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Multiplex Genomic Platform

  • High throughput 
  • Quantify 3-80 RNA target simultaneously 
  • No PCR amplification needed 
  • No RNA isolation needed
  • Customisable RNA target 
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Genome Sequencing & Expression

We offer end-to-end services from sample preparation to data analysis, covers the spectrum from low complexity assays to whole genome profiling. By identifying genes that are differentially expressed in particular diseases or patient populations, new targets can be identified and validated for the development of new therapies. Get in touch with us to determine which platform best meets your project’s needs. 
  • DNA Sequencing / Expression
  • RNA Sequencing / Expression
  • Small RNA Sequencing / Expression
  • miRNA Sequencing / Expression
  • Metagenomics
  • 16s Metagenomics
  • Targeted Sequencing
  • Amplicon Sequencing
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Immunochemistry and Laboratory Services

Access a comprehensive suite of immunochemistry and laboratory services from Covance including antibody characterization, antibody purification, and antibody labeling services for your monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development. All services are customized to your project requirements. 
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Antibody characterization/quantification
  • ELISA Assay
  • Electrophoresis / Western Blot
  • Isotype Determination
Antibody purification
  • Antigen-Specific Affinity Purification
  • Protein A and G
  • Non-Invasive IgY Purification
Antibody labeling
  • FITC
  • Biotin
  • HRP
  • Others upon request