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Postgraduate Programmes
Master of Medical Science in Regenerative Medicine (OPEN)
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Malaya.

About this program

This program is a 48 credit hours mixed mode full-time Masters program, which consists of 20 credit hours of core program courses, 4 credit hours of elective courses (students only need to select one of the two elective courses offered by the program) and 24 credit hours of dissertation. The methods of delivery include lectures, assignments, discussions, presentations, laboratory skills training, Laboratory management training, laboratory-clinical training, mini-industrial training and the completion of a research dissertation. This program does not have a university compulsory course except for the Research Methodology Course, which is a part of the core program course offered by the university for all Masters students.
The career opportunities upon the completion of this program includes the potential employment as bioprocess development scientists, research and development manager for medical related products, product application specialists in various bio-industries (i.e. biotechnology-related industries, pharmaceutical industries, clinical and medical engineering industries), quality assurance managers (such as those relating to GMP and GLP accredited laboratories or industries), laboratory application specialists, clinical specialist trainee and panels or officials for Regulatory bodies such as the National Pharmacy Regulatory Division (NPRA; formerly known as National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, NPCB). The structure of the program is not specifically designed for those who wish to pursue a Philosophy of Doctorate (PhD) degree upon the completion of this program, as it was structured to meet the industry needs; however, the program was designed to take into consideration the possibility that candidates may want to continue their studies by ensuring that they will have sufficient research skills at the end of their training to enable them to pursue a PhD degree confidently. In addition, students from this program is expected to be equipped with skills sufficient for them to pursue an academic or research fellow career in the field of regenerative medicine. 
Scholarships and study loans are made available for this program through several possible sources such as Biasiswa Yang Dipertuan Agong, MyBrain15, PTPTN etc.
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The coordinator of this program, Dr Tan Sik Loo ( or The Secretary of the program, Ms Rabiatul Adawiyah (
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