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29 Feb 2016
"Dogs naturally suffer complex diseases, including mental disorders that are similar to those in humans. Among those is canine compulsive... +more
02 Feb 2016
Wheat yields could be significantly increased thanks to varieties with a superior form of a common enzyme, according to new research. Plant... +more
20 Jan 2016
A new method by researchers in the UK and Belgium makes it possible to study the epigenome and transcriptome of a single cell at the same time. The... +more
09 Jan 2016
A new technique that has the potential to treat inherited diseases by removing genetic defects has been shown for the first time to hinder retinal... +more
29 Dec 2015
Seven months after South Korea identified its first case of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), the country is calling the outbreak officially... +more
23 Dec 2015
Cambridge researchers have found the strongest evidence to date that human pluripotent stem cells -- cells that can give rise to all tissues of the... +more
14 Dec 2015
The Periodic Table of Protein Complexes, published today in Science, offers a new way of looking at the enormous variety of structures that proteins... +more
23 Nov 2015
A new gene that makes bacteria highly resistant to a last-resort class of antibiotics has been found in people and pigs in China - including in... +more
09 Nov 2015
Stem-cell scientists led by Dr. John Dick have discovered a completely new view of how human blood is made, upending conventional dogma from the... +more
26 Oct 2015
Young adults with genetically increased Alzheimer’s risk have altered activation patterns in a brain region that is crucial for spatial navigation... +more