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25 Sep 2016
Machine learning can predict strains of bacteria likely to cause food poisoning outbreaks, research has found. The study -- which focused on... +more
12 Sep 2016
Researchers at the University of Adelaide have shown how a complex mix of plant compounds derived from ancient clinical practice in China -- a... +more
28 Aug 2016
Scientists have demonstrated for the first time the 'perfect storm' of conditions that cells need to start forming cancer, helping to explain why... +more
24 Jul 2016
No one knows exactly how it happened. It may have entered through a cut or bite wound, the blood of a chimpanzee seeping into an exposed fingertip or... +more
20 Jun 2016
An exhaustive look at how bacteria hold their ground and avoid getting pushed around by their environment shows how dozens of genes aid the essential... +more
28 May 2016
A naturally occurring vitamin, nicotinamide riboside (NR), can lower blood sugar levels, reduce fatty liver, and prevent peripheral nerve damage in... +more
15 May 2016
A major reason why cancer drugs fail is that they cannot penetrate the high-pressure environment of solid tumors. A study published May 10th in... +more
02 May 2016
Fully functioning pancreatic cells that produce insulin have been created in the laboratory from human stem cells for the first time. The research... +more
22 Apr 2016
A typical mouse laboratory is kept between 20 and 26 degrees C, but if the mice had it their way, it would be a warm 30 degrees C. While the mice are... +more
11 Apr 2016
The Chinese skullcap, Scutellaria baicalensis -- otherwise known in Chinese medicine as Huang-Qin -- is traditionally used as a treatment for... +more