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04 Nov 2014
Head of Education and Outreach, John Meredith, considers the human cost of banning animal research. Two years ago, in June 2012, the Swiss... +more
01 Oct 2014
Chris Magee ponders Nazi Vegans, Stockholm and Ethics and in doing so proves Godwin’s Law: "As an online discussion grows longer, the... +more
01 Sep 2014
Bar Harbor, Maine -- A research team led by Jackson Laboratory Professor and Howard Hughes Investigator Susan Ackerman, Ph.D., has pinpointed a... +more
06 Aug 2014
The right tool for the job is important. A surgeon wouldn’t use a chainsaw when a scalpel offers more control. But sometimes the best treatments... +more
10 Jul 2014
Molecular microbiologists from the Keck School of Medicine of USC have discovered that mice lacking a specific component of the immune system are... +more
21 Jun 2014
Do you still believe that fish are dumb and cannot feel pain? That we do not have to worry much about how they are cared for or caught? Think again,... +more
24 May 2014
A case for conserving water   Just about every new laboratory construction and renovation project incorporates some kind of green initiative.... +more
17 Apr 2014
Nematode worms, fruit flies, mice and other lab animals live longer, healthier lives when they eat less than they otherwise would if more food were... +more
09 Apr 2014
As part of a German-French research project, a team led by  Dr. Christa Müller from the Univ. of Bonn and Dr. David Blum from the Univ. of Lille... +more
26 Aug 2013
By James Gallagher   A lifetime of too much copper in our diets may be contributing to Alzheimer's disease, US scientists say.  ... +more