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World Pharmacist Day (WPD)
25 Sep 2018
8:00am - 5:00pm
Grand Ballroom, UCSI University
Organized by: 
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, UCSI University

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCSI University, is organizing World Pharmacist Day event with the theme “Pharmacists: Your medicines experts”. This year, we focus on the extensive expertise that pharmacists have and put to use every day to ensure better patient health. This expertise is applied through science and research, through educating the next generation, and through transforming patient needs into services.
The theme of World Pharmacists Day emphasizes that pharmacists are a trusted source of knowledge and advice, not only for patients but for other healthcare professionals. For every patient who walks into a pharmacy, pharmacists ensure that the right medicine is provided at the right dose and in the most suitable formulation. We work with other healthcare professionals to ensure that every individual receives optimal treatment
We would like to invite your participation and partnership as a sponsor for this landmark event.
Details of the event are as set out below:
                                    Date    :    25th Sept 2018 (Tuesday)
                                    Venue  :    Grand Ballroom Block E UCSI University KL Campus
                                    Time   :    2.00 pm to 5:00 pm    
                             Dress Code :   Traditional 
Expected Participation: 600 including students, lecturers, university staff members and industrial partners and honored guests.