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Seminar Kimia Industri/ Industrial Chemistry Seminar (SKI)
15 Jan 2019
Hotel Bangi Putrajaya
Organized by: 
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, UPM
The Industrial Chemistry Seminar (SKI), whichwas first held in 1994, is an annual event organized by the Department of Chemistry,Universiti Putra Malaysia to provide exposure and opportunity for final year students topresent their Final Year Project researchfindings. The seminar also aims to provide them guidance concerning their career paths and future endeavours. In this context, numerous speakers with a background in chemistry, who also currently hold important positions in various industries, are invited to share their experience and knowledge.
The theme for SKI-XXII 2019 is “Chemistry: Leading the Industrial Revolution” which reflects the significant role of chemistry in spearheading the global industrial revolution towards the betterment of the future.
• To discuss the role of chemistry in the current and future development of industrial technologies
• To establish linkages and greater co-operation between industries and institutions of higher learning and research
• To provide participants with an exposure to various chemical industries and employment opportunities