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Immunostaining and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) Workshop
19 Aug 2014 to 21 Aug 2014
Tissue Engineering Centre, UKMMC
Organized by: 
Tissue Engineering Centre, UKMMC
Workshop Agenda
Day 1 (19 August 2014)
Immunostaining Workshop
Introduction and Hands-on fluorescence staining on:
Fixed cultured human cells and Tissues
Live human cells and Time-lapse imaging
Day 2 (20 August 2014)
Basics on CLSM 
Basic concept and current application of CLSM
Current development of Super Resolution Microscopy
Live demo on CLSM
Day 3 (21 August 2014)
Hands-on on CLSM* 
Capturing fluorescence imaging on CLSM and Analysis