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ELISA Workshop at UiTM
17 Jun 2016
8:00am - 5:00pm
Organized by: 
Prima Nexus

The Salimetrics Salivary Cortisol ELISA Kit was specifically designed to standardize the quantitative determination of free cortisol concentrations in saliva samples for research and biomedical laboratories. Using a small sample volume, this assay kit has an extended range that spans the expected cortisol levels found in human saliva. The average inter- and intra-assay precision coefficients of variation are low with no deleterious matrix effects often found in saliva which are characterized through dilution- and spike-recovery validation procedures. The Salimetrics cortisol assay kit has also been formatted to minimize cross reactivity for related steroids. Salimetrics salivary assay kits are expertly designed, developed and validated to ensure accuracy in saliva and proven to deliver precision results for biomarkers in saliva .

Salivary cortisol levels are unaffected by salivary flow rate and are relatively resistant to degradation from enzymes or freeze-thaw cycles. Studies consistently report high correlations between serum and salivary cortisol, indicating that salivary cortisol levels reliably estimate serum cortisol levels. Cortisol production has a circadian rhythm, with levels peaking in the early morning and dropping to lowest values at night. However, levels rise independently of circadian rhythm in response to stress.​