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CRDDS2014, Controlled Release & Drug Delivery Symposium 2014
23 Aug 2014 to 24 Aug 2014
DK2 & DK3, UKM KL Campus
Organized by: 
UKM Pharmacy Faculty

The CRDDS 2014 will be two days of intense collaboration and a great opportunity for networking and the mutual exchange of ideas. The main objective of this symposium is to showcase the latest research findings and recent advances in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. The theme of CRDDS 2014 is “Maximizing Efficacy Through Optimized Delivery

  • Innovative approach towards drug delivery
  • Modified-release drug delivery systems
  • Targeted drug delivery
  • Sterile and parenteral formulations
  • Application of natural and synthetic polymers
  • Delivery of peptides, proteins, DNA and genes
  • Investigational and alternative drug delivery routes
  • Biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic studies
  • Development and optimization of pharmaceutical dosage forms
  • Advances in pharmaceutical production and manufacturing
  • Safety and stability of pharmaceuticals

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