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2nd International Conference on Oral Microbiology and Oral Immunology
19 Nov 2019 to 20 Nov 2019
8:00am - 5:00pm
Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City, Putrajaya
Organized by: 
UPM and Malaysian Society of Oral Microbiology and Oral Immunology
ICOMOI 2019 is the 2nd International Conference on Oral Microbiology & Oral Immunology to be organized by MySOMOI in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Theme: New Frontiers in Mucosal Cancer Therapy
Target Participants
Academicians, Clinicians, Research Assistants, Nurses, Postgraduate Students, Postdoctoral Researchers, Industrial employee
Benefits to attend ICOMOI 2019
  • Connecting with scholars and scientists in the field of Mucosal cancer therapy
  • Opportunity to publish accepted abstracts in Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences (MJMHS)
  • Opportunity to publish accepted full papers in Annals of Dentistry University of Malaya Areas to be covered
  • Tumour immunology
  • Oral health in mucosal cancers.
  • Mucosal immunity
  • Immunotherapies and immunoprophylaxis.
  • Immunomodulation.
  • Microbiomes and cancers.
  • Microbiomes and immunity.
  • Mathematical modelling and deep learning in precision therapy and personalized medicine.
Mucosal immunity is the first line of defense against foreign invasion. It is also the site of interaction between food and microbiome and education of the immune system. Regulation and communication between these components are important to strike a balance to maintain a healthy body. Various important cancers arise from the mucosal tissues and contribute to the increase of cancer incidence and number of deaths. Causes of cancer are still guesstimated and treatment outcome remains unsatisfactory. The role of the immune system in preventing cancers is long known and immunotherapy has become a household word. However, complete success is yet to be achieved due to the complexity of cancer as well as immune response. Mucosal immunity holds untold promises in the power of the immune system to eradicate cancer that has yet to be fulfilled nor harnessed. This conference aims to bring world-renowned experts to demonstrate the potential and guide us in bringing this area of research forward.