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Animal Research

Research Animal Models

Why Use Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) Animals for your research?

The quality of your research depends on the quality of your starting material - laboratory animal. Animals bred in a pathogen-free environment ensure no interference from pathogen to your experiments. Prima Nexus is poised to deliver research models bred to the highest industry standards for quality, husbandry, and well-being to offer the best starting material for your research. All breeder selection is bred in AAALAC accredited facilities, guarded by competent full-time veterinarians and AALAS certified technicians.


Type of Animals 

1. Rat
  • Sprague Dawley (SD)
  • Wistar
  • Spontaneuos Hypertensive rat (SHR)
  • Wistar Kyoto (WKY)
  • Spontaneously Diabetic Torii  (SDT) Fatty
2. Mouse
  • ICR
  • BALB/c 
  • C57BL
  • C3H
3. Immunocompromised Mouse Model  
  • Ncr Nude
  • NU/NU
  • BALB/c Nude
  • NSG
4. New Zealand White rabbit
5. Golden Syrian hamster
6. Dunkin Hartley guinea pigs
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