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02 May 2015
People with lower back problems are more likely to have a spine similar in shape to the chimpanzee, our closest ape ancestor.   A lesion which... +more
25 Mar 2015
Researchers have found that male mice trill startlingly intricate songs to beguile female mice—in much the same way as birds do.    It’s... +more
26 Feb 2015
Most vaccines work by inducing an immune response characterized by neutralizing antibodies against the respective pathogen. An effective HIV vaccine... +more
26 Jan 2015
References to Leprosy date from 4000 BC in ancient Egypt with numerous references to the disease in the Bible. In the fourth century, the disease... +more
26 Dec 2014
In the light of a new survey asking scientists about their experiences and emotions working with laboratory mice, UAR Policy and Communications... +more
04 Nov 2014
Head of Education and Outreach, John Meredith, considers the human cost of banning animal research. Two years ago, in June 2012, the Swiss... +more
01 Oct 2014
Chris Magee ponders Nazi Vegans, Stockholm and Ethics and in doing so proves Godwin’s Law: "As an online discussion grows longer, the... +more
01 Sep 2014
Bar Harbor, Maine -- A research team led by Jackson Laboratory Professor and Howard Hughes Investigator Susan Ackerman, Ph.D., has pinpointed a... +more
06 Aug 2014
The right tool for the job is important. A surgeon wouldn’t use a chainsaw when a scalpel offers more control. But sometimes the best treatments... +more
10 Jul 2014
Molecular microbiologists from the Keck School of Medicine of USC have discovered that mice lacking a specific component of the immune system are... +more