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20 Feb 2017
A new study that confirms the role of a protein called PAK4 in the movement and growth of pancreatic cancer cells could help researchers find new... +more
13 Feb 2017
A tea bag–sized packet of insulin beta cells implanted in the arm eventually may replace the parade of pricks and daily insulin injections necessary... +more
07 Feb 2017
Researchers at the UNC School of Medicine believe they have isolated a protein that, when missing or depleted, can cause airway constriction,... +more
25 Jan 2017
More than 100 women die from breast cancer every day in the United States. Triple-negative breast cancers, which comprise 15 to 20 percent of all... +more
18 Jan 2017
After decades of research and countless control attempts, dengue fever -- a mosquito-borne viral disease -- continues to infect an estimated 390... +more
19 Dec 2016
A study from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators has found a surprising role for what had been considered a nonfunctional "junk" RNA... +more
28 Nov 2016
A groundbreaking study of the virosphere of the most populous animals -- those without backbones such as insects, spiders and worms and that live... +more
04 Nov 2016
Much of human health hinges on how well the body manufactures and uses energy. For reasons that remain unclear, cells' ability to produce energy... +more
25 Sep 2016
Machine learning can predict strains of bacteria likely to cause food poisoning outbreaks, research has found. The study -- which focused on... +more
12 Sep 2016
Researchers at the University of Adelaide have shown how a complex mix of plant compounds derived from ancient clinical practice in China -- a... +more