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24 May 2014
A case for conserving water   Just about every new laboratory construction and renovation project incorporates some kind of green initiative.... +more
17 Apr 2014
Nematode worms, fruit flies, mice and other lab animals live longer, healthier lives when they eat less than they otherwise would if more food were... +more
09 Apr 2014
As part of a German-French research project, a team led by  Dr. Christa Müller from the Univ. of Bonn and Dr. David Blum from the Univ. of Lille... +more
26 Aug 2013
By James Gallagher   A lifetime of too much copper in our diets may be contributing to Alzheimer's disease, US scientists say.  ... +more
26 Aug 2013
Yale researchers report they may have found a key molecular messenger that links the stomach-to-brain reward circuits and signals the brain it has... +more
12 Jul 2013
Diet beverages and other non-caloric, artificially sweetened foods and drinks may not be the healthy choice to manage weight that they appear,... +more
27 Jun 2013
Scientists in Japan have cloned a mouse from a single drop of blood. Circulating blood cells collected from the tail of a donor mouse were used to... +more