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International Proteomics Conference 2017
15 Aug 2017 to 17 Aug 2017
UNMC Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre, Chulan Tower
Organized by: 
Malaysian Agricultural Proteomics Society

Accelerating Proteomics Research
​International Proteomics Conference 2017 is the first scientific meeting organized by the Malaysian Agricultural Proteomics Society (MAPS) in conjunction with the 4th Conference of Asia Oceania Agricultural Proteomics Organization (AOAPO)
The organising committee for IPC2017 takes great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the First International Proteomics Conference 2017 in Malaysia co-organised by council members from Asia Oceania Agricultural Proteomics Organization (AOAPO).
The theme for the conference is "Proteomics in Biotechnology & Life Sciences". IPC2017 will cover topical issues at the forefront of proteomics research and bring together leading global experts including editorial members of renowned journals to present their findings on a wide range of topics.
Proteomics in Biotechnology & Life Sciences
a) Agricultural Proteomics 
b) Medical Proteomics
c) Microbial and Industrial Proteomics
d) Food Proteomics
e) Analytical Proteomics
f) Structural and Computational Proteomics