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CURE Epilepsy Seminar and Research Meeting
28 Feb 2018
9:15am - 4:30pm
Monash University Malaysia
Organized by: 
Monash University Malaysia
For the 65 million people worldwide with epilepsy, progress in the development of a cure is unacceptably slow. Children with uncontrollable seizures frequently face a lifetime of challenges, including misunderstandings about epilepsy, discrimination, and other epilepsy-related problems. Mortality rates among people with epilepsy are three times the rate of the general population, and sudden death rates are more than 20 times higher. Epilepsy research is significantly underrepresented in University Seminar Series that take place at institutions across the country. CURE supports university-based seminars to promote Epilepsy Research.
The goal of CURE’s Frontiers in Research program is to expose young researchers and clinicians to exciting epilepsy research and provide opportunities for young investigators to interact with prominent emissaries of epilepsy research. This program will enable aspiring and established epilepsy researchers to contribute towards the discovery of a CURE for epilepsy.