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6th National Conference on Laboratory Animal Science (NCLAS)
30 Jul 2018 to 02 Aug 2018
8:00am - 5:30pm
Avenue Garden Hotel, Bangi
Organized by: 
Laboratory Animal Science Association of Malaysia, LASAM

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This year marks the 6th National Conference on Laboratory Animal Science (NCLAS), a biennial meeting of Malaysian laboratory animal users and members of the Laboratory Animal Science Association of Malaysia (LASAM) which organizes the NCLAS events.

The NCLAS is a platform that allows LASAM to invite local and international experts for knowledge sharing with Malaysian scientists and personnel who care for animals, with the aim of ensuring that the Malaysian community of research animal users is fully and clearly informed of the latest developments within the field, particularly with regards to present-day legislation and welfare requirements. In order to achieve this aim, information sessions planned for the 6th NCLAS include laboratory animal management, updates on welfare and legislation, latest technologies in live animal imaging, research models, and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) for laboratory animal science.

Who should attend:
Veterinarians, lecturers, researchers, research officers, science officers, post-graduate students, research assistants, assistant science officers, laboratory technicians and all who are involved in animal studies and in the care of laboratory animals.