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Quality Commitment

Quality Statement
Upholding a Science-Driven Commitment to Advanced Quality in Product Supply and Services. PrimaNexus has an established set of robust Standard Operation Protocol (SOP) which detailed in a Quality Manual that details the quality policy and a set of quality procedures that outline the necessary documented controls and compliance measures to ensure continual quality monitoring and improvement.

Quality Policy
PrimaNexus provides integrated science, technologies, information, and services. We achieve this through a sustainable Quality Management Processes built upon two key pillars:

Customer Understanding
PrimaNexus fosters deep insights into the working environment of our customers and identifies what they need to make their work simpler and safer.
Performance and Reliability
PrimaNexus employs principles of design excellence to provide services that consistently address the needs of customers and other stakeholders. We develop and deliver services of superior quality and reliability that create high levels of customer loyalty.